A box with a unique blending opening, allows taking food that needs to be separated up to the eating stage where more than one product should be mixed. The blending opening enables separation and preservation of freshness of food.

Entrepreneur: Pnina Alon



Proprietary based, eco-friendly and sustainable processing of the Marula tree that will produce three products related to the food industry. All are 100% natural, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and anti-inflammatory.


Entrepreneur: Yarden Hochgraf, Erez Reznik

Marula Industries


Smart restaurant solution, POS & Interactive menu designed to power your entire business.

Entrepreneur: Jonathan Shahar



A diabetes control application that contains several user-friendly interfaces. Everything the diabetic in one program.

Entrepreneur: Motti Elkabats, Pinhas Kadosh

Diabetic Smile

Smell & Smile.png

A perfume with a very special formula that eliminates unpleasant smell and perfumes at the same time. it can arrive with no smell. it is the most effective product for kitchen air smell and for hands after cooking or eating.


Entrepreneur:  David Katzir

Smell & Smile