All the top Food Tech brands, organizations & investors, in one place!


This high-end startup accelerator program brings together the top food tech startups and the leading food tech brands, high-tech executives, potential investors and more, with one goal in mind, to create a new industry food-tech leader!


Get to the top of the food chain!

The Eilat Food Tech Accelerator value:


1.  Action and value-packed acceleration program, with industry leaders.


2. The Kitchen-Strauss Selected startups will be considered to join the high-end Strauss food tech incubator - The Kitchen: which provides professional guidance and the potential investment of 2 million NIS. *Subject to a Due Diligence process by Strauss. 

3. Google Developers Launchpad Week-A selected startup will win an Invitation to participate for free in the Google Developers Launchpad Week( Pre-incubation program).

4. Arieli Capital Group- A selected startup will win a consulting meeting and a presentation meeting with Arieli Capital Group representatives, an American investment fund, to examine potential Biz-Dev deal in the USA market.

5. APM- A selected startup will win an initial legal services package to be provided by Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co., which includes, among others, access to the "Infuse" platform for start-ups.

The Food-Tech Startup Accelerator is brought to you by Eilat Tech Center Ltd, Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry - Israel's Small and Medium Enterprises Agency, through the 'Maof' Authority and in cooperation with the Eilat Municipality.


* We invite other companies to provide additional value to our program and startups. Join us as a partner here!

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Get the edge on your competition:

13 action and value-packed sessions.

Learn how to succeed from the top, most experienced and most successful brands in the industry


The Eilat Foodtech accelerator- all the top brands, organizations and investors are going to be there...

Where will you be?

Get exclusive access to meet, connect and work with the top companies, organizations and investors from the food tech industry:

  • Personal and group sessions.

  • Meetups.

Launch and grow

The stage is yours:


We place you, front and center, to present to the leading brands and investors of the Foodtech and technology ecosystem!

Now, it's your job to leave them speechless:

  • Demo Day and Expo event.

  • Startup presentations stage.

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